Bull-taming Sport Called Jallikattu. Over 100 injured during Jallikattu rage in Tamil Nadu

Participants prepare to tackle a bull charging out of an enclosure during a bull-taming sport called Jallikattu in Palamedu, about 434 kilometers (269 miles) south of Chennai.Atleast 100 youth were injured while they were attempting to tame the bulls during the famous “Jallikattu” in Madurai and Tiruchi districts of Tamil Nadu on Wednesday. “Jallikattu” is the famous bull taming, age old sport practised in Tamil Nadu. This is part of the four-day Pongal festival. Thousands of people including hundreds of foreign tourists used to gather to watch this sport. The events took place at Periya Sooriyur village in Tiruchi and Palamedu in Madurai. In the later place 530 bulls ran in to the arena and 585 youth attempted to conquer them. Fortunately no casualities were reported as of now, but few unconfirmed reports suggest that the condition of atleast half a dozen youth is stated to be critical.

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Till this morning 8 FIR s were filed by the Animal Welfare Board of India volunteers in Madurai for cruelties to animals. The FIRs were filed for alleged illegal and villent acts agaisnt the bulls including hitting them, twisting their tales, jabbing them with weapons, yanking their nose ropes and beating them. It was also stated that a bull ran into a parked police car outside the collection area and that suspicious liquids (alchohol) were forcibly fed to the bulls before they entered the main area. The Animal Welfare Board officials siezed liquor from bull owners who were accompaning the animals in the waiting area.

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2014 Palamedu and Avaniapuram Jallikattu 15Jan2014 Part 1

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The animal welfare activists are up in arms against “Jallikattu” for the past several years. They want the age old sport to be banned for what they call it as massive cruelties to animals. Infact a single judge of the Madras High Court indeed banned the sport few years ago and the matter had been taken to the Supreme Court and a batch of petitions are pending in the apex court for final disposal. “The Supreme Court in 2009 clearly said that “Jallikattu” is nothing but a sport inflicting massive cruelty to animals and banned it. However after the then Advocate General pleaded the court to allow it as otherwise the state will burn. the apex court allowed “Jallikattu” for only that year with some stringent contitions” said Dr.S.Chinni Krishna, Vice Chairman of the Animal Welfare Board of India in a telephonic interview with India Today Online. He said the then Tamil Nadu govt circumventing the Supreme Court’s wishes passed “Jallikattu Special Act” empowering the govt to conduct the sport. But even this very act is contrary to the Prevention of Cruelties to Animals Act he further says and adds now the batch of petitions challenging all these things will be taken up for hearing by the Supreme Court coming February.

Explaining in detail the torture being undergone by the animals during the sport Dr.Chinni Krishna says that when they described all these cruelties to senior Supreme Court lawyers K.K. Venugopal and Ariyama Sundaram, both of them refused to accept fees for their appearance. “These two top lawyers who generally charge few lakhs for each appearance refused even a paisa and they are appearing for us free of cost as they were literally moved in tears after hearing the cruelties inflicted on bulls”, adds Dr Chinni Krishna.