South Actress Saritha Biography

Saritha is a South Indian actress. She has acted more than 140 films in Tamil, Kannada, Telugu and Malayalam languages and was in a television serial Selvi in 2005. Her mainstream career spanned from 1978 to 1988.
Spouse: Mukesh (m. 1989–2007)
Siblings: Viji Chandrasekhar, Parvathamma Rajkumar
Children: Sravan, Thejas

It’s been only a couple of days Malayalam actor Mukesh married dancer Methil Devika but his former wife veteran actress Saritha has called his second marriage illegal as he is yet to grant her divorce.

The actress claimed that the actor was misusing her absence in the country as she is with her son Shravan Mukesh in Dubai. Shravan is pursuing medicine there. The actress said that the duo married each other in 1988 and that their marriage has not legally ended. Now that the actor has gone ahead and married another woman, he has committed bigamy. The actress, we hear, is all set to take action against the actor.

The recent second marriage of actor Mukesh  with dancer Methil Devika, has started controversies following the revelations of Mukesh’s first wife Saritha. According to Saritha, though she has  been living separately for long and agreed for a mutual divorce with Mukesh, the marriage with Devika stands  illegal as Mukesh didn’t appear for any court hearings and the petition for divorce was withdrawn in 2010.

Saritha maintains that Mukesh has taken advantage of her absence in India. He has now committed bigamy by marrying another woman which can get him into legal troubles. Saritha is getting ready to pursue possible legal procedures .

Mukesh on the other hand, maintains that they were living separately for more than a decade and  were granted divorce in Jan 2012. Mukesh says that he have applied for his second marriage only after one and a half years since the divorce. Mukesh says that he has got all the necessary documents proving this.

In her statement, Saritha has said, “Taking advantage of my absence in India and without dissolving our marriage legally, Mukesh has committed an illegal act of bigamy by marrying another woman.”