Armaan’s FATHER REACTS to Tanisha Armaan’s LOVE in Bigg Boss 7 6th December 2013 Day 82 FULL EPISODE
Most entertaining reality show Bigg Boss 7. After being away from the arc lights for more than a decade, Armaan Kohli is once again in news  Tanisha Armaan’s LOVE  this time, for his temper tantrums in the Bigg Boss house and his proximity to fellow inmate Tanisha. Armaan Kohli: Tanishaa is closely followed by her ‘Bigg Boss’ housemate and rumoured flame Armaan.
Tanisha Mukherjee’s open letter about Armaan Kohli and Bigg Boss to Tanuja, Kajol

Armaan kohli's father Rajkumar Kohli
Armaan kohli’s father Rajkumar Kohli

Armaan Kohli Biography Personal Profile Name : Armaan Kohli Other names : Munish Kohli Date of birth : 23 March 1968 Age : 45 years(approx) Height : 5’10″(approx) Nationality : Indian Occupation : Actor and Producer Armaan Kohli in Bigg Boss 7 The housemates are asked to pick out the worst performers of the task. The housemates take a long time to decide because two distinct groups have been formed inside the Bigg Boss house with each wanting to target their opposition. After intense discussions, all the housemates vote for their respective choices as a result of which Armaan and Sofia Hayat find themselves as the nominated contestants. Bigg Boss later makes an announcement about a ‘Wrecking Ball’ task in which the weakest contestants, Armaan and Sofia, will compete. The losing contestant from this task will find himself/herself nominated for next week’s evictions. Armaan and Sofia enter the activity room to see the housemates lined up for the task. Their contribution to the task is that they will throw the wrecking ball at Armaan and Sofia. Sangram Singh pushes the ball first towards Sofia and kicks off the task.  Facts about Armaan’s life

Armaan Kohli -girlfriend-Moonmoon-Banerjee
Armaan Kohli Ex girlfriend Moonmoon Banerjee

Last week when wild card contestant nude yoga guru Vivek Mishra entered the house he revealed some unknown facts about Armaan’s life. He spoke about Armaan’s alleged relationship with a girl named Tanya Singh. He also claimed that Armaan was engaged to Tanya. But Armaan retorted to this statement and asked him to prove this allegation. According to the sources, while talking to Tanisha, Armaan suddenly called her as Tanya and soon realized his mistake.